Corporate Profile


WellSmart is an indigenous drilling company in Nigeria established to become an industry leader in drilling services in Nigeria and Africa. Our foundation is built on the exceptional skills and outstanding field experience gained through many years of operations of the WellSmart principals.

WellSmart Drilling Nigeria emerged as a direct response to the country’s urgent needs in the dynamic oil and gas industry as well as the emerging opportunities drawn from the growing interest in Nigerian Local Content.

At WellSmart, we specialize in field development, production optimization and we provide contract drilling services (onshore and offshore) to indigenous, independent and major oil & gas companies. Our rigs are built-for-purpose and tropicalized to suit operations in Nigeria.

Our services are provided by the WellSmart Team, individuals with world-class training and experience and a profound knowledge of the African region, its geography and indigenous cultures.

We are deeply committed to the safety, protection and preservation of not just the environment but also of the communities where we operate. At WellSmart, intervention programmes and safety procedures are just the beginning of the goals of our corporate responsibility.

Home-grown with international standards, we are a drilling company designed to fit and meet the growing needs of Nigeria’s dynamic oil and gas industry.