Our groups are leading in indigenous field development and rig operations in Nigeria. WellSmart working through its affiliate developed the Umusadege field, OML 56. Today, the Umusadege field is the largest producing marginal field amongst its peers awarded in 2003/2005. In addition to deepening our indigenous capabilities for swamp and offshore field development, we have achieved NCDMB targets on indigenous rigs ownership and currently have 98% Nigerian manning levels on our rigs.

Together, the WellSmart Team and its Promoters have over 30years of significant experience in the oil and gas sector, participating in several appraisals, development and production of fields. We are also deeply involved in the Nigerian Oil Servicing sector and the wider African Oil Sector.

Through our operations, it is our goal to successfully provide premium drilling and related services throughout our clients’ field development.

Our unique ability to successfully drill oil & gas wells and our successful track record in the industry make us an invaluable partner in field development. With us, our clients always benefit competitive rates and terms; efficient and tropicalized drilling rigs; experienced and qualified drilling crew with profound local knowledge; timely and cost-effective drilling program; and our indigenous status which meets the country’s Local Content requirements within the oil and gas sector.