Health Safety & Environment

At WellSmart Drilling, we are committed to working with our employees to provide a safe work place. It is our policy that employees should report unsafe conditions and should not perform tasks if considered unsafe. At WellSmart we all play key roles in Health, Safety and Environment. We have established a protocol for this purpose and expect to see our mission of minimizing work place injuries and incidents fulfilled.

The WellSmart Management is proactively involved with our work force in maintaining our effective safety strategies. Our safety coordinators and management team participate with each employee and representative in ongoing safety and health program activities by:

icon-angle-double-right Promoting a safe workplace;
icon-angle-double-right Providing safety and health education and training
icon-angle-double-right Reviewing and updating safe work practices and expectations

Our safety culture is designed based on the WellSmart emphasis on the safety and health protection of our staff, members of local communities and the environment.

Click here to download our HSE Policy