RIG 201

Rig 201 is a 1500 HP SCR drilling unit (tested to 1800 HP) with a 142′ mast, a hook load capacity of 1,000,000 lbs and a 700,000 lbs rotary load. It is equipped with a 24′ swing-up style substructure and a 27.5″ National rotary table. It has two 1,300 HP triplex pumps, a 1,000 bbl mud tank, three new diesel generators together with 15,000 gallon fuel tanks. Rig 201 has a BOP spark of 10,000psi. Rig 201 is a Parco model rotary land rig designed for and capable of deployment in all land based operations.

Rig 201 although capable of drilling to almost 18,000 feet, carries 15,000 of 5 inch drill pipe, and 8¼ inch and 6½ inch drill collers. The rig also carries a generator skid, mud tanks with cyclone shaker system, an independent drill solids control centrifuge skid and an accumulator as well as a full array of running and handling tools and equipment for deep well drilling. The rig has a small foot print and can be moved from location to location in 45 loads excluding camp.

 Depth Capability DEPTH 18,000 feet
Hoisting Equipment Mast PARCO cantiliver Mast Mod. SL-1500; OIME Manufactures, 142 FT, 1,000,000 lbs
Rotaty Equipment Rotary Rotary table; Mud King Mode RT-275, S/N-27525
Pumping and High pressure discharge system Mud Three (3) Triplex Pumps; Model MKF-1300, reted 1300 HP each. With two GE 752 DC Motors each.
Mud system Mud 2 tank system; 1-500 bbl suction/mixing, 1-500bbl shaker, 100 bbl trip tank.
Prime Movers/Transmission/Electric Power Eng/Gen 3-Detroit diesel Mod. 1000 DSEB, 910 kw 7M4284, 1800 RPM 600 VAC 60 Hz 3-phase
Auxiliary Equipment Auxiliary Air compressores, dog house, HPU #1/HPU#2 A/C #1 World Air TSM-2155, 20 HP Sn2062 A/C #2
Blowout Prevention and well control Equipment  BOP RAM BOP Model 35, 13 5/8″ 5000 Psi API. Annular Double RAM-Shear RAM, M Koomey Unit: 6 station type YCQ640-6 84.5 gal (16 bottels) 3000 psi
Rig floor Equipment Drillfloor IDM Drillers control console; 12 position drilling/Tripping operation. 4 SCR assignment string elevators, casing slip elevators, manual slips, air tuggers 5/8″ line
Drill string DP DP 18,000 ft of 5″od, grade S-135 API drill pipe, DC “Owner/Operator Provided” 1000 ft of 5″ HEVI WATE
Draw works OIME SL – 1500P “rebuilt” 1500HP, two EMD D-79 A & DC- Motors rated @ 750HP each. PARMAC Hyromatic Brake Mod. D63952 V200 35713 Clutch oil states.