WS- 7


WS- 7 is a 2000 H.P. 10kpsi Land Rig designed to meet the demands of our customers for today’s competitive market. The rig meets three goals: 1. Operate Properly, 2. Rig up quickly, 3. Transport in fewest loads possible.

 Depth Capability  DEPTH  25,000 feet
Derrick Mast DSI 147’x13’x1000K – Three Section Tubing Mast with crown containing six (6) main cluster sheaves and one (1) fastline sheave. Mast to include racking board, raising lines and integrated top drive
Drawworks Hoist Nat’l 1320 UE, 2000 HP, grooved for 1-3/8″ drill line with two (2) refurbished G.E. 752 series wound DC traction motors, Baylor 7838 Auxiliary Brake, make – up and breakout catheads.
 Substucture Rotary  DSI 30′ High Winch Raised 1,000,000# casing, 600,000# setback, complete with four (4) sets of stairs, v – door, etc.
Mud System Mud (1500 BBL., 3-tank mud system complete with eight (8) 10 HP agitators, six (6) 5×6 centrifugal pumps with 75 HP motors, three (3) Derrick 503 shakers, one (1) Derrick Vacuum Degasser – 1200 GPM, one (1) Derrick 503 Mud Cleaner – 1200 GPM, two (2) High Shear Mud Hoppers..
Prime Movers  Rig Power I.E.C. 4×4 SCR System/Control House with 1000 KVA main transformer, 225 KVA lighting transformer and adequate MCC to operate the rig. Four (4) “New” Caterpillar 3512Cdiesel engines each with Caterpillar SR4, 1750 KVA generator, and radiator. Each Engine generator set on a 10′ wide x 40′ long master skid with roof, muffler, etc. Two (2) “New” Gardner Denver 50 HP compressors, cold start, air dryer and two (2) volume tanks to be include
Top Drive Drive Carrig 500 Ton Drive – Model 8050 AC-712 with DSII incorporate top drive tracking system.
 Mud Pump BOP Three (3) “New” Gardner Denver PZ-11 1600 HP packages each with master skid, two (2) “New” 752 series wound DC traction motors, drive sheaves, belts, belt guards, charge pump, liner wash system, etc.